This note outlines the steps required to copy your ED configuration settings from your current PC to a new PC. Install ED on your new PC first, but don't start it.

ED must be closed when you do this.

Copy all of the ED4W\CONFIG\*.YourInitials files across. This will bring across the most important configuration information. Replace .YourInitials with the initials you set when installing ED. ie. In Help|Register ED. For CONFIG files location see this solution.

You can also Run Regedit and export form the old PC and then Import to the new PC.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Soft As It Gets\ED

This will bring GUI information across, such as where various Windows were last positioned etc. You might want skip this and start with a clean slate.

You will also need to contact us for a new license key for your new PC. If you decide to Import the Registry info indicated above then do that before entering the new license key otherwise you will overwrite it.

It is also a good idea to backup the CONFIG\*.YourInitials files and Registry info from time to time.

List of ED configuration files:
Style Sheets are in StyleSheets.YourInitials
Language Information is in Lang*.YourInitials
Other customization information is in EdConfig.YourInitials, EdHistory.YourInitials, EDBuildSetup.YourInitials and EDToolbars.YourInitials.
Keyboards are in Kbd_*.YourInitials and Menus in Menu_*.YourInitials